Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hello everyone,

I made it to St. Louis and I must admit the road trip was full of excitement. First of all, it rained all the way from L.A. to Phoenix, then we got caught in a bad snow storm in Flagstaff, AZ ( yes it snows in some parts of AZ.) It was very warm in N.M. and Texas, once in O.K. there was a severe windstorm. The wind was blowing between 55-70 miles per hour, the car was rocking making it hard to keep the car on the road. Finally we made it to MO. and it was 70 degrees and within three hours the temp. dropped 40 degrees, and it got cold all over again. So basically we experienced all four seasons in one road trip.

I've started my new job and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to get out of training, cuz training is boring and sucks. I've never enjoyed training regardless of the industry. But I can tell this will be an exciting position and for the first time I am looking foward to work. I was given a heads up to watch my email and what I say on the company telephone cuz some people may be hating and try to sabatoge my new role. I normally do all my post at work.... so until I get a computer of my own post may be slower. I do plan on getting a computer within the month so please be patient with me.