Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Just Saying

Is it me or does Beyonce look a little pale in the photo on the top. This photo was taken yesterday of her at the Obama’s state dinner. I cant tell you when the other photo was taken. Look likes she called Sammy Sosa and borrowed some of the moisturizer. It makes me think of that quote by Audre Lorde’s, “The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house.”

I’m just saying………..

Please Don’t Test….. That Teacher’s Gansta

I know you have probably seen the video of the teacher Sherri Davis whooping the ass of her student Isaiah Regan. When I saw the video I could tell that the teacher had snapped and had enough of this particular student’s bullshit. Davis appeared on Good Morning America and stated that the day had been "utter chaos." Just moments before the incident where she beat student Isaiah Reagan on video, she had to break up a fight in the hallway between a 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl. She said that people there are not protecting the students or the staff at the school. Ms. Davis said that while her adrenaline was still building from stopping the student fight in the hallway, she heard the door to the classroom slam shut and the door lock. A white girl who was a special needs student who had just enrolled in the school was in the room, surrounded by mostly African-American male students who were "mimicking her." Isaiah Reagins, who she says has assaulted teachers and other students, "was bouncing around in a threatening, bullying position."

Obviously lil Isaiah has been a problem for sometime and still had not learned that school is not a place to act a fool. You may ask yourself how can a teacher go from being teacher of the year (twice) to beating the hell out of one of her students? Well let me answer that for you ….. bad ass kids with poor excuses for parents. If you think your job gets on your nerves try going into the classroom. Oh teaching is not how it use to be when kids respected grown folks and at the threat of calling the parents and/or grandparents was enough to make a child break down into a soggy pile of tears.

I hate to say it…… but we are witnessing what happens when crack babies have children. Yessssss……most of the children causing problems today grandmothers are/were crack heads in the 80’s. Of course this is just my opinion but I really believe that it is true.

I used to be a long term substitute teacher and I had to lay hand on a student too! I remember it like it was yesterday. My student name was Charles and he was very short and little for his age (14). Charles also had sickle cell but he was mad as a muth%$#@!!. One afternoon Charles clowned and talked and gave me the blues so when the end of day bell rang I told Charles he was to stay seated until he could be quiet for a full five minutes. The other children left to catch their buses and Charles was instructed to stay in seat and be quiet. Charles said, “If I miss my bus, it’s gonna be all your fault.” I told Charles every time he spoke his five minutes would start over again, so if he missed the bus it would be his fault. I got up from my desk and stood in front of the door. Needless to say Charles kept talking and I refused to let him leave. At some point he starting cussing and talking about what he was going to do if missed his bus. Then out of no where Charles picked up a desk and threw it at me.

I lost it on his ass! I grabbed that lil muth%$#@!!. by his throat and pushed him against the wall and lifted him off the ground by this throat. I told him, “Let’s get one damn thing clear here….. I ain’t the one to play with and if you ever attempt to hurt me again I will make you wish you ever laid eyes on me. Little did I know the principle saw the entire episode and calmly asked me to release the child. I let him go and he ran out the room. The principle left and went on about his business.

But I tell you what….. Charles was one of my best students after that. I never had a problem out of him again and guess what………he passed my class. We joked, smiled and continued on like what happen that afternoon never took place. Teachers I people too and if tested they make open a can of whoop ass on ya.

Many teachers are put in the position to be security. They have to protect kids from bullies as well as protect themselves. Schools with hundreds of students often have very little security …if any. It gets frustrating constantly trying to deal with behavioral issues and not doing what you were hired and educated to do…..TEACH! The government and states are trying to hold the teachers responsible for the children lack of learning…..but what about all the behavior and external issues that find their way into the classroom and must be dealt with before learning can take place. Now Isaiah mama is filing a law suit against the school and Ms. Davis. My question is…….where the hell was his mama when he was acting a plum damn fool! What was she doing to address her child behavioral issues? Had she ever sought professional help for her child, was there discipline in the home?

Please don’t judge Ms. Davis too hard. I’m sure she regrets ever placing her hand on that child, regardless how bad he was he is still a child. But, if she is to remember he is still a child he needs to remember that she is still an adult. We all make bad judgment calls and decisions in our life. I just hope that Ms. Davis can recover from this professionally and financially. I also hope that Isaiah understands that his behavior was inappropriate and his mother addresses h

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Illinois sheriff using food stamps to track fugitives

CHICAGO -- Fugitives in Cook County are learning that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

More than 100 people wanted for crimes ranging from kidnapping to marijuana possession were arrested late last month after police tracked their food stamp applications, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Monday.

When people are arrested, they often give authorities addresses that turn out to be vacant lots or abandoned buildings _ but they're more honest when they want food stamps.

"We were able to clear a lot of people off of our wanted list and at the same time get them off of the public dole," Dart said while announcing that 168 fugitives had been arrested during the investigation, most through food stamp tracking. Many applicants had listed their real addresses.

The investigation dubbed "Operation Talon" included Dart's office, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Marshals Service's Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force.

The key was the roster of food stamp recipients contained in the USDA's computers.

After giving the USDA a list of 41,000 people who having arrest warrants pending in Cook County, the agency's computer spit out between 700 and 800 names.

"By working together with them we were able to take data that we normally don't have," said Dart, adding that it's illegal for fugitives to collect food stamps.

It isn't the first time Dart has used creative tactics. His office once lured fugitives to an "event" with a promise of free Super Bowl tickets.

While tracking food stamps, investigators found addresses for people across Cook County, some wanted for violations as minor as failing to appear in traffic court. Some were sound asleep, and none gave police any trouble, authorities said.

"We know where they're at because they're actually collecting checks at those addresses," Dart said.

Some arrests led to other arrests and the seizure of weapons, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy in the homes they were searching, authorities said.

Among those arrested was a Chicago woman accused of aggravated kidnapping for allegedly locking a woman in a room, wrapping her belt around the woman's neck and forcing her to crawl until she gave her $300 in September 2008.

Other arrests included a Chicago man wanted for allegedly beating a man with his shoe, and a woman accused in January of scratching her name and a man's name into "The Bean," the huge stainless steel sculpture at Millennium Park.

Dart said it's unclear how much food stamp money was going to fugitives, but said some people arrested during the recent sting were wanted on charges from two years ago.