Monday, May 25, 2009

Sacrifice is the Name of the Game

Lately sacrifice has been the name of the game. I decided two weeks ago to purchase a home instead of leasing an apartment. I know that owning a home requires more responsibility than simply renting an apartment. However, I wanted a place of my own and possibly something that could bring in income in the future.

Right now I am saving and pinching funds like crazy for a down payment and closing cost. I've found the perfect home that fits my style and my needs but baby...... saving ain't easy. My friend got married on Saturday and I was unable to purchase her a gift...I need a few summer pieces really bad and I had to scale down my selections.

I cant want to move in ....well actually I can moving makes me sick. But I cant wait to have a place of my own. I think the day I close I will sleep on the floor. Living with my family has not been easy. So all the scrimping and saving will be worth it all.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What's Going On

Well my post have not been so frequent because things have been relatively quiet in my life (THANK THE LORD FOR SMALL FAVORS). I am working on getting a few things in my life in order and that can be a full time job in itself. After living with family for a few months it's time that I move on to greener pastures. Yes..... I've decided to purchase a home. My closing is next month and I can not wait to wake up and run to the bathroom naked! I can't wait to get a glass of water while waltzing around in my underwear and t-shirt. Hold up..........I get excited about using the bathroom with the door open. Peace of mind is priceless ain't it! We have some gorgeous old homes in Saint Louis and baby I got me one! I love crown molding... tall ceilings, tall windows and homes that are filled with charm and character. So when I went looking these are all the things that were on my check list........oh and a deep tub with jets and a rain head shower. I am excited about being a home owner again, soon I will be a landlord too. I need a second stream of income and I refuse to sell Mary Kay again so this was the best option for me.

I am also trying not to be so messy. Yes I can be messy at this. I can turn a perfectly good relationship unto a messy mess. I hate to admit it but I am a gossiper, Lord knows I am trying to stop but it is so hard. I have few friends that I can count on NO MATTER WHAT and that is something to be proud of. But it can become hard holding down meaningful relationships when you are constantly gossiping about people. It's a ugly side of me that I just do not like. God has put it on my heart to become a person of character and integrity. I would also like to open up and share my feeling more but that has become so hard for me. I didn't realize how closed up I was until a week or so ago. I hate sharing my feelings! But I am working on it all. I am simply a work in progress. There was a time when I wanted to make my life a facade but now I simply just want to live a beautiful life and bless those around me. I figure if I give love, happiness and joy it will be returned. Y'all pray for me cause this is surely a hard journey.