Saturday, April 14, 2012

War On Women 2012

I was watching CNN (not sure of the show just turned on the TV) and the host was saying that Romney gets the pulse of women from his wife Ann. Apparently Ann told him that right now women are mostly concerned with jobs for their children as well as jobs for themselves. Ann told her husband that the economy is women's greatest concern right now.

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen then said what does Ann know about what working women are concerned with when she never worked a day in her life. Hilary stated that Ann has no idea what it is like to be an average everyday woman going to work and trying to figure out how she is going to feed her kids and pay the mortgage. She did not think it was a good idea for Ann to be advising her husband on women issue when she could only come for the point of a rich housewife.

I must agree with both Hilary and Ann. Yes if you are a working woman you are greatly concerned about the economy. But I also agree with Hilary, Ann don't know shit about a working woman's struggle. But that is not to demean what a stay at home Mom does. I know that a stay at home Mom sacrifice her ambition to be a Mom. I know that her contribution to the home mostly goes unnoticed and that she receives not pay for her work.

But the real part of me says if your man makes enough money for you to stay at home then you are not that damn financially strapped. I live and work around people who are struggling to survive. I see people trying to keep their home, trying to keep the repo man off their cars, trying to figure out how the hell they gonna get their kids to college without coming out with massive debt. Most of the Moms I know are single and Ann sure as hell cant tell their story.

Right now Americans want this damn economy fixed and we don't give a fuck who fix it. I personally want to see Obama do a second term but I admit I was a bit taken back when the democrats tried to distance themselves from Hilary Rosen. They starting to act all shy again. Yes women voters are a big part of the pie and no one wants to offend them. But the truth is the truth and aint no backing down from the truth

Becky Is Getting On My Muthaf%$##$ Nerves

When I say Becky I am generally referring to White women. I am not generalizing all White women because many of them are ambitious hard working women. But the few that try to ride other people coat tails to the top get on my damn nerves.

I am working on team project and it counts as 60% of the total grade for the class. I am in the group with two other people. We orginally started with five people but the other two decided to drop the class.

So this is a huge project and requires a great deal of hard work, time and comittment from the group. The other two people in the group are white. I have become used to being the only black in a social, work and schoolistic setting.

The first week we met up and divided up the work for the project. I noticed that Becky took the simpilest easist part of the project. But I thought she was going really go hard and put a lot more into it since me and the other guy had a majority of the project.

The second week of the project we brought back our work to see what we had so far and to see if we could be of any assistance to each other. I had 5 pages of solid work, the guy in the group had tons of his work completed. Becky showed up with one page of bullshit!

Then she starts acting all flirty with the guy in the group and he tells her since he is almost done his part he could help her with her part. I'm like really WTF, this bitch aint did shit but showed up with a few words on a piece of paper.

The same type of shit be occuring on the job. Becky's start acting all ambitious and shit and when it is really time to do some work, they start looking for a more experinced person to do the real hard work. Then of course after that they got the nerve to want to take full credit for the the shit.

Like I said this does not apply to all White women, some come to play and come to win. I know laziness can come in many shades, and is not exclusive to white women. But when you see White women passing you up no matter how much education you have. You see managment prefer they be the spokesperson the company.

People tend to believe them first before making them prove themselves. Whereas I have to prove I am smart, intelligent and worthy of a fair shot. And in many cases I have found that the Becky winds up hating me because they assumed I was an easy target and they were the smarter one.

I am just letting off steam because I am working on this damn project and Becky just texted that she could not show up. I could strangle that heifer right about now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Merging two lives together is no joke. I am a planner and a saver. Yes I spend money on frivolous things but I really like to make sure my bills are paid first. However, my man is the total opposite. He likes to stay looking good and fly but likes to pay his bills last.

This is not an attractive trait. Actually its a freaking turn off to me. How the hell you wanna stay looking fly and your lights about to be turned off? We have had so many fights about money that its not even funny. He thinks Im a tight wad who plans like Im about to retire or die tomorrow. I believe in putting insurance on everything and contributing to my 401k.

Im sure he has never thought of his 401k and saving is not even in his vocabulary. The man is trying to turn me into him. He ask why I dont spoil myself, why I dont have a Coach purse, Why I dont pay 100's of dollar for tennis shoes, why I drunk before I go to the club. I look at him like he a plum damn fool. Most of the time I say ninja Imma be rich while yo broke azz go be begging me for cash.

I understand the live for the day mentality but I dont know if I can get past his negligence with money