Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Day In My Life

Hello Internet Friends and Family,

Well I have been off of work for almost 6 weeks for medical reasons. I swear I can not wait to go back to work. I always day dreamed about being at home and watching all the court shows and chilling while everyone else worked. Trust and believe that crap gets boring real quick. I was tired of that mess in two weeks. I like to stay busy and I am completely and totally bored out of my damn mind. However, I really can not complain about too much. I am trying to get negativity off my tongue and my mind, cuz it's contagious and it can create drama, and ya girl don't need no drama, ya feel me.

Summer is on the way and the day's are simply gorgeous. I love this type of weather, not too hot not too cold. The high around 75 and the low around 50..... perfect. There is no need to run the air or the heat.... can we say lower electric and gas bill... hooray.

This week my college alumni is having a gathering and I am thinking about going. I am a little self conscience due to the weight gain... but hey it is what it is.... right. I hope all those sonorities and fraternity types don't get to strolling and throwing up their gang signs all night, not to mention the cat calls they do. Most of these people should be well into their mid 30's but you never know. It will be interesting to see who married who, who works where and generally where people ended up in life.

Well I'mma get outta here. I am a certifed taxi driver since I'm at home all day. Hope these folks have my gas money. See yall later

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My "New" Passion

I've always loved nature and the beauty it holds. Some would say that I have been a naturalist from birth. God and nature goes hand and hand to me. I remember when I was driving to AZ and as I was rounding HWY 40 coming through NM I was astounded by the large mountains. The beauty of the mountains was the essence of God's handy work. The sounds of the ocean calms me, looking off into the distance of the ocean it is hard to separate the water from the sky. When I drive home from work the sky is orange, red and blue and this is another form of beauty to me. Lately I've wanted to catch the beauty of nature, family and buildings on film. Last year I purchased a digital camera and often find myself snapping away at things that appeal to me. Honestly, I need a better camera, the one I want cost roughly between 500.00-550.00, so right now it is out of my price range. But it would make a great birthday/Christmas gift!!!!!!! The pics above is just things that I saw and thought wow I gotta get a photo. It seems as I get older new things appeal to me, and I want to explore new talents and gifts. I hope new gifts keep coming, it makes life exciting.