Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is This A Joke

I sincerely hope this is McDonald's version of a joke. Because if it's not then I may take offense to this stupid attempt of R&B. Not that R&B is so great these days.. but not all black people listen to such crappy music. When I look at some commercials I wonder who are they trying to attract...who is their demographic audience, what are they trying to do. Seriously....when you look at this video do you think they want you to laugh or start dancing down to McDonald's singing their "catchy" tune?

Can you imagine a boardroom full of white people attempting to come up with a concept that will attract young black people to McDonald's. I can envision them turning on their local R&B station for inspiration. They hear Lil Wayne asking a woman to lick him like a lollipop.....then they hear T-Pain get frustrated when a stripper will not cuddle up with him and he feels chopped and screwed...then Beyonce lets them know that a diva is a female version of a hustler and finally they listen to Jamie Fox explain how is girlfriend is just like him......popping bottles in the club and giving all the dudes hugs.

With all that inspiration they came up with the wonderful mcnugget song. By favorite line is "girl you got a ten piece don't be stinggaaaay"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Are NOT the Father

Imagine the mail man asking you to sign for a letter addressed to your cousin. You like many others would sign without second guessing your actions. Well this is where all hell broke loose on poor Walter Sharpe.

You see Walter signed for a certified letter addressed to Andre Sharpe. The letter ordered Andre Sharpe to attend a child support conference in Dauphin County, where Andre’s baby mother lived at the time. Shortly after signing for the letter for his cousin, several letters began showing up in Walters mail box ordering him to come to child support court for Andre’s daughter. Walter believed it was a mistake and ignored all the letters sent to him by the courts.

When Andre nor Walter showed to the child support hearing the judge ruled Walter as the father of Andre’s child. Although Walter was paying child support for his own four children: the county family welfare agency began garnishing wages from his job to support Andre’s daughter. Walter paid 12,000 towards the care of his cousin’s child between 2002-2005

To make matters worse Walter served four six-month jail terms for not keeping up with support payments and lost his job. Petitions he filed for DNA testing were opposed by the court’s domestic relations officials and denied by the judge.

In May 2007, the paternity order against Walter Sharpe was overturned after the girl’s mother and grandmother failed to show up to a court hearing. But the judge ruled in October that Walter Sharpe was not entitled to compensation. The judge claimed that Walter brought this whole tragedy on himself when he ignored the letters urging him to come to court.

And to add further salt to the wound, Andre had been taking care of the child financially from birth. Andre obtained legal custody of the child in late 2006. The baby mama took advantage of the system… she knew full well that Walter was not the child ‘s father. I’m not sure of the mother circumstances but I hope she is looking forward to the big ole kick in the ass from karma. But this crap does not lay solely on the shoulders of baby mama…where the hell was Andre when his cousin was going through this drama? Why didn’t he show up to court with his cousin and claim the child? Then there is the system… they are quick to pull people in and slow on rectifying the problem.

I truly hope this guy gets compensated and if possible the baby mama prosecuted and the judge kicked off the bench for incompetency. Yeah I know I am dreaming but that’s what they deserve.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Your White Neighbors Are Moving

I was browsing the web and came across a study done by Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race. Researchers at the University of Illinois, Chicago and the University of Michigan surveyed a large representative sample of households in Chicago and Detroit. As part of this highly innovative study, every participant was handed a laptop and was asked to view a series of video clips showing different neighborhoods. The set of neighborhoods remained constant. But the video was altered to manipulate their make up, to show either whites populating the neighborhood, or blacks or a mixed-race population.

The study sought to determine was "whether whites are colorblind in their evaluations of neighborhoods or whether racial composition still matters—even when holding constant the quality of the neighborhood." The results clearly show that whites rated the neighborhood much more favorably when whites dominated the make-up. And the more negative the stereotypes a white individual held of African Americans generally, the more likely they were to negatively rate the identical neighborhood with a visible black presence.

I am not surprised by the results, although in many cities gentrification is taking place everyday. St. Louis is a very segregated town and many of the best areas are populated with a majority of white people. The sad thing to me is when black people get a little money they follow the white people. The study found that blacks did judge schools to be of higher quality in mixed-race and all-white neighborhoods. I often wondered if black people could imagine a beautiful, safe and productive all black neighborhood. Would my people still value an all black neighborhood if there were no white folks in site or would it been seen as another ghetto, regardless of class or income.

What aggravates me even further is “white flight”. When too many black people move in a neighborhood white people begin to slowly but surely move out . Yet some of us continue to chase them…hoping to happily co-exist. Personally I would love to live in a productive all black neighborhood. I would love my kids to attend an all black school, with great funding and teachers that care. But I know this can never happen until blacks have a change of mind set, black home ownership increase, and we begin demanding a better education for our kids. Just for the record I am not a segregationist , but I would like to see black people place value in one another. White is not always right ya know.