Monday, September 29, 2008

A Nite At the Movies

Friday night I went to see Miracle at St. Ana. This is the new Spike Lee joint. I was really excited to see this movie because it explored the black experience in WWII. The media rarely shows any depiction what it was like to be black in the military prior to desegregation.

This film kept me guessing and thinking. It's complex in nature because you're constantly thinking what can happen next. You'll develop a love for the characters and find yourself rooting for their safety.

The film also explores the racism in that era with the tense interaction between the black solders and their white superiors. During that time the military felt it was important to place southern white men over black soldiers. In the mind of military officials southern men knew how to keep black men in order. Of course this was a recipe for disaster.

Miracle at St Ana vividly displays how black men were willing to die for a country that did not allow them basic freedom. How they were respected in other countries such as Italy, but treated as sub human in their own country. Yet these men put their very life on the line.

The man in the picture above is my granddaddy. He is a WWII veteran. Every time he speaks of the time he served he stands a little taller and smiles a bit wider. As a matter of fact, my grandaddy is the most patriotic person in my family. He believes the USA has the strongest, baddest and most fierce military on planet earth. He never talked greasy about the US Army no matter how bad they treated him.

I recommend you go see this movie, you will truly be enlightened. What I didn't understand was the lack of people at the opening night. There was about 32 people in the theater on opening night. I was a bit saddened because I knew that most people in my city would probably see the film on boot-leg. I really wanted us to go out and support Spike. Spike has a hard time getting financing for most of his movies. And most of his movies represent the lives of black people, yet we are the very people who don't show support.

If you have the money and the time please support Spike Lee's effort.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flex Tells The Truth About R. Kelly Interview

I totally agree with Funk Master Flex. I was disgusted with the interview R. Kelly gave BET. Y'all know that was some bullsh*t how this man get on national television and ask "what do you mean teenager?" This man has totally disrespected his fan base by thinking everybody stupid. We all seen the tape, heard the the testimony and know about Aaliyah.

Toure was a straight punk. He did not ask the tough questions. Barbara Walters would've came at his azz like a real pro. By the end of the interview ole Babs would've had him confessing and crying, ask McCain. Not to mention BET in my opinion, has ruined a whole generation of kids.

I refuse to buy or bootleg any R. Kelly C.D.'s. The man is a pedophile pure and simple. I can't see how any mother or father could support this type of negro. That's like giving financial support to a serial rapist. Black people are the most forgiving people on earth. But we must draw the line somewhere. We must say enough is enough.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oprah Is a Rider

Last week I heard a few (mainly white) women chose to boycott Oprah because she would not have Sarah Palin on her show. Initially I chose to ignore this mess, but now the Florida’s Federation of Republican Women (FFRW) has chosen to take this boycott nationally, I must say something.

The FFRW feels that Palin has recharged the political game. They feel she has brought…um…uh…eh.. freshness and zeal into the fight. Many feel that Oprah being the “Talk Show Queen” and the epitome of strong woman-ness should welcome Palin to her coach with open arms.

Now Oprah being Oprah politely responded by saying that she has already chosen her candidate and it would be unfair to bring the opposition on her show and claim to have some form of objectivity. As a matter of fact, Oprah says she will not use her show as a political platform for ANY candidate. The last time Barak Obama was on her show was in 2006, before he formally announced his plan to run for president.

Before I start my rant let me first say…. I love Oprah. I know many people have their gripes about her, but to me she is the true representation ingenuity. When we first met Oprah she was an overweight, dark skinned, jerri-curl wearing, less than attractive, over made up wanna be talk show host. But Ms. Winfery quickly figured out how to become a billionaire by playing up to her audience. For years she never took sides politically and she never did anything that would make her look negative in the eyes of her viewers. See Oprah had a plan, many thought she was a fool, thought she was playing up to the white majority. But all Oprah was doing was bidding her time and stacking her chips.

Now sistah girl got mo stacks that she can ever count and feels like she can do and say what ever the hell she pleases. And she can! WTF…. The show is called THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, she can talk about whatever she want to. Oprah ain’t no rookie, she is at a point where she can express her feelings about where she stands in the world and if the people don’t like it ….. they know what they can do. Finally, Oprah is taking a stand on something and not letting what other people think, feel or say get in her way.

Personally I think the FFRW need to get a life. Maybe they can book Palin on Tyra Banks’s show she talks to any and everybody. But they need to find them a new target, cause Oprah already a billionaire… she don’t give a damn about no boycott. I don’t subscribe to O’s magazine… but after this I will be making it my personal business to get a subscription.

Let’s not even talk about the FFRW being a Florida based group. We all know how Florida jacked up the last election, don’t be starting no bullsh*t, ya’ll here me Floridians.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Lost Art Professinalism

I am having a dilemma at work and it is getting on my last nerve. One of my co-workers is so relaxed at work that he calls me "shortie". He'll walk past my desk and say " Is everything okay shortie, how you doing shortie". Let me tell you, that sh*t burns me up. Of course he is a young black man, who I feel does not appreciate his position or stature at work.

Our office dress code is business casual, but ole boy shows up to work with sports jerseys and jordans damn near everyday. If he doesn't wear that he will break out with the extra baggy jeans and extra extra long shirt.

When he is not calling me "shortie" he is butchering other co-workers name. For example, if your name was nicole, he'll start calling you nik-nik. One co-worker rolls her eyes every time he butchers her name.

To make matters worse, this dude thinks he is phyne... he is okay but phyne he is not. But he is constantly out of his seat trolling the building for women. He will tell my department that he is leaving to discuss a matter with billing. He'll be gone for 20-30 minutes and someone will say... ole dude is in the lobby cheesing up in some woman's face. Don't get me wrong he does work... just not as much as everyone else in the group.

These type of people also want to be seen as a person with a wealth on knowledge.
Everytime we are in a meeting or the big boss comes along here his azz go running his mouth like he knows what he is talking about, trying to represent the group and someone has to shut him up before he makes everyone look stupid.

I know the person that hired him and she assures me that he did well in the interview and seemed to have all the right answers. She feels she took a hit on her character for hiring him. Her words were, "I was bamboozled".

I love my job and I fought hard to get this promotion. My department was created to resolve specialized company issues. I was shocked that they hired an all black team to head this department. But I was happy they placed their trust in us to resolve the company's issues. I want to help the man because he is a young brother... but he just does not get it.

My co-workers and I have had meeting with him to discuss some of this issues.. but it is like talking to a brick wall. At this point I don't know what to do.. got any suggestions?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Girl's Nite Out

Wow I’ve been working like crazy. My job has offered me unlimited over time and I’ve been working like a Hebrew slave…whew. Twenty hours of overtime a week is very tiring and my social life (and blogging life) has been in the proverbial toilet.

However, this Saturday it was on and popping. My girlfriends and I had a girl’s nite out and we went home drunk and happy. This week was the blues festival so we went to the festival ate great bar-b-que and watched some phyne men sing the blues. Then we decided to go to the comedy club… of course everything is funnier when you’re drunk. I laughed really hard. You know those deep belly laughs, I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. I heard laughing was good for the soul and I believe it’s true.

Then after the comedy club we went to a real upscale bar (yeah more drinks). As we enjoyed ourselves men would come by and buy us a round a drinks. I was totally floored each time… I thought that was a thing that happened back in the day. Each man would comment on how we seemed to be having a genuine good time, acting like we were the only people in the bar.

That night I went to bed with a smile on my face. Before you ask…..I went home alone. The smile was on my face because I forgot how good it felt just to have a good time with my friends. Most times I am focusing on my goals and my problems so much I forget to just live life.

Life with its ups and down is still a beautiful thing. Life is truly a golden opportunity ..make the best of it.