Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bish Please

I know this story is a bit dated but I had to comment on it. Okay we all understand that Mechelle (Chelle) McNair is a bit pissy that her husband was killed by his mistress that then went on to off herself. I would be pissed too if I found out my man been out co-signing for Escalades and shit, taking a bish on trips, and chilling in a condo I knew nothing about with another woman. Oh hell yea I would be ready to chop that nicca head off and serve it to his mama on a silver platter…..he’d better be lucky he already dead !

So trust me Chelle when I tell you I understand that part of your frustration. But ummmm you wrong for not putting that man other kids down as heirs to his estate. Bish you wrong as two left shoes. How the hell you gone say some shit like you can’t confirm if the two eldest kids were actually your husband’s. Now that’s some bullshit if I’ve every heard any in my life. Did your man take care of these kids…..did he pay child support….were they ever over the house…..did they go on vacation with yall….did he ever refer to the children as “my sons” ? If you answered yes to any of those questions you know damn well those were that man kids. And just because you all pissy cuz you got humiliated in front of a world wide audience does not give you the right to take them babies inheritance.

But before you get all geeked up on buying you another house or some other crap get ready for a battle. Baby Mama’s (BM) do not play. I bet in the next 4-6 months yo azz gone be up in court explaining your actions to a judge. Quit being greedy bish! If that man considered those kids his then so be it. There are two types of money that never last long, that is income tax checks and inheritance money. Most of the time people fly through that type of money like water.

Chelle quit acting stupidly (as Pres Obama says) and do the right thing.

Why People Hating On Universal Health Care?

And what insurance will you be using for your visit? This is the question that I am asked every time I go to a new doctor’s office. Most of them assume that due to the excessive amounts charged by doctors and pharmaceutical companies no one in their right mind would be paying out of pocket for health care coverage.

Thankfully Blue Cross and Blue Shield make sure I stay healthy and keep regular doctor visits. However, there was a time then I did not have health insurance. I remember when I was between jobs and my tooth began to really give me trouble. My tooth hurt so bad it would keep me up at night, ambesol was kept on my person at all times. The pain was so sever I was often left weeping in my bed praying for the pain to stop. Well my Aunt asked if I wanted to use her insurance card to get my tooth pulled, I agreed immediately. Never mind that I was born in 1975 and my Aunt was born in 1950! When the dentist asked me about the discrepancy in the birth year I played it off like my employer was aware and was in the process of getting that taken care of. Man ……… I felt like a new woman once that tooth was out of my head. Yeah I knew it was basically insurance fraud, but no dentist would see me without insurance and I did not have the money to pay for it out of pocket, so what was I suppose to do?

I think all Americans should sacrifice if it means that everyone can have medical insurance. Medical insurance should be a civil liberty, a basic right. Unfortunately, we have allowed doctors and pharmaceutical companies to put a price on life. The United States has the most expensive health care in the world. I’ve watch several family members and friends try to cope without heath insurance. Many use the emergency room as a doctor’s office and often find out about life threatening illness too late.

I understand wealthy Americans want more information on Obama’s universal health plan. Wealthy Americans will be taxed higher as one revenue stream for the plan; I would want as much information as possible too! However, most wealthy Americans have great health benefits and access to top doctors. It’s hard to worry about something when it does not affect you…………but if it affects your money people are all ears.

One of the reasons I voted for Obama was his health care initiative. We must place a higher value on life than on money. Face it, we (the insured) end up paying higher premiums because all the funds the goes uncollected by the uninsured. So since we are paying for it anyway let’s just figure a way that allows everyone coverage.

Lets put life above capitalism

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black Harvard Professer Arrested

Yesterday I was listening to Tell Me More on NPR and heard that a Black Harvard Professor was arrested for unruly conduct in own home. It basically we down like this

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr. a renowned scholar and Harvard professor returned from a research trip to China to find the front door to his Cambridge Harvard-owned house jammed and enlisted the assistance of his driver to muscle the door loose. Once in the home Gates turned off his security alarmed and called the leasing office to advise them of the jammed door. By the time Gates was on the phone with his leasing company, a white policeman had arrived, summoned by a neighbor who spotted two black men looking as if they were unlawfully breaking into the house. The police came into the home and asked Gates why he was in the home and he explained that he lived in the home. The office requested that Gates produce identification. Mr. Gates produced a driver licenses and his Harvard ID which displayed the address in question. The officer continued to question Professor Gates which caused Gates to get slightly aggravated, and led to him ask the office for his badge number and name. The officer refused to provide his information and asked Gates to step outside. Once outside Professor Gates continued to request the information and questioned the officer still being on the property after providing sufficient identification. The officer arrested Gates on disorderly conduct charges and he was jailed for four hours.

Y’all may remember Professor Gates he was on PBS tracing all the celebrities (Oprah, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington and many others) ancestors to Africa. This man is financially secure and educated yet his neighbor called in saying that they witness two black men breaking into the home. Did I mention the driver had on a suit and tie and carried in the luggage once the door was open? Let’s not forget the man lived at this location for several years and his neighbor STILL called the police and said two black men were breaking in a house. This type of shit infuriates me; this is totally ludicrous and stupid. Sometimes people take things too far and don’t know when to stop. I am mad at the cop but I’m resentful and angry at the neighbor. I can not claim that the neighbor knew Mr. Gates but I can tell you that most burglars don’t were suits and kaki pants when robbing a spot. They generally don’t bring luggage with them and don’t stick around to turn off the alarm.

Times like this I wish we had followed the advice of Marcus Garvey and went back to Africa. I am not foolish enough to believe all White people are racist however; it gets tiring trying to fit into the mold and personality that make White people feel safe. It is kinda like walking around in black face and tap dancing. Like being the only black in the rat pack and claiming to be a black Jew, almost on the verge of being satirical.
The charges have been dropped against Gates, but I am certain if he ever thought he ascended beyond his black counterparts he realize he is just a black man……… out Obama.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Missouri is a very racially polarized state. I have lived in St. Louis for most of my life and racism has become apart of my everyday life. I am not saying that every white person in Missouri is a racist but what I am saying is that there is white privilege given to Caucasians. For those of you that live outside of the Midwest you may think that Missouri is comprised of rural land, cows, farmers and a bunch of red necks and colored folks. Well you would be partly right….but not completely accurate. St. Louis is the gateway to the West and is very hip, urban, up and coming town. After spending a year in Los Angeles I love paying a mortgage of 699.45, which is less than half of the rent of my LA apartment! I love that I can fill up my car for less than 30.00 dollars and everything is less than 20 minutes away.

However, Missourians carry their race card in their back pockets. We have quite a few closet racist in our town. Although they won’t verbally admit to this heinous thought, their actions shows what they really feel.

For instance driving while black is very real in Missouri. Black drivers in the state are 67 percent more likely to be pulled over than white drivers. Blacks are the only racial group in Missouri pulled over by police at a rate higher than their percentage of population in the state. This information was found in a report on vehicle stops released by the attorney general’s office Monday. I have been back for less than two years and I have been pulled over 4 times! I was only guilty once out of those stops. It’s so bad that last month my cousin got pulled over in the driveway of his home.

It’s sickening to me that it is acceptable to do this to my people. Last week I took my little sister to court in a predominately white side of town (Des Peres), the median income for a family in this area is $96,433. The racial makeup of the city is 96.55% White, 0.79% African American, 0.19% Native American, 1.83% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.15% from other races, and 0.45% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race is 0.83% of the population.

In spite of the racial make up of the city 90% of the people in court were black. Yes a town that is comprised of 96.55% of White people have an overwhelming amount of blacks in court. Most of the black people were stopped by traffic cops and few were caught stealing from the mall. Basically they ignore all the White people stealing from the mall and driving with expired tags and focus primarily on black people. Of course they may be wondering why a black person would be in the neighborhood and randomly run the plates or assume that most blacks in the mall are stealing.

When the traffic report was placed online one of the white commenter’s wrote the following statement:
“Blacks are disproportionately stopped by police, but they also make up a disproportionate number of those living in a lower economic status. This comes into play when discussing traffic stops for non-moving violations like improper registration or equipment defects. Poorer people may neglect to get their vehicle properly registered or fix an equipment defect, because they may not be able to afford to or they have other ‘priorities.’ People who are responsible, and who have the means, will get their cars registered and fix problems.”

When he said “People who are responsible”………I take that to mean White people. I also feel that many of the cities count on black people to subsidize their budget through traffic stops. I can not tell you the countless times that I’ve heard friends and family comment on how police just ride behind them and run their plates hoping to see a warrant or something illegal about the vehicle. There is also an entire industry devoted to these traffic stops….traffic lawyers. The will make that speeding ticket become a parking ticket for the low low price of $65.00 , plus court fees in addition to the cost of ticket. Of course you don’t want your insurance rate to skyrocket and you don’t want to have points on your license so you go to the traffic lawyers and pay them to “take care” of your ticket.

Sometimes it can be very frustrating but I can’t get Al Sharpton to come down and hold a rally. But I am tired of singing we shall overcome

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No One Escapes

In recent years I’ve had the unfortunate task of attending the funeral of many family members. I’ve attended the funerals of my father, brother, nephew, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, and two uncles. I was very close to all my family members and it was with great pain that I watched their bodies be lowered into the ground. This Thursday I lost another aunt, Aunt Shirley passed away in her sleep early Thursday morning. My aunt called me a 4:30 am to tell me she was gone and I just felt empty. I laid there and tried to think of ways to escape the feeling that was brewing inside of me, but because I experienced it so many times before I knew I had to just let my feelings out.

No mater how many people around me die, I never get use to it. It always knocks the wind out of my sails. I can never get accustomed to the people I love leaving this earth. Death’s sting always hurt! As I get older I begin to think of my own mortality and how fragile life really is. I start to think about what my funeral will be like, how my death will affect the people around me and what I want to leave as a legacy. One thing is for sure no one escapes death, it is promised to every living thing. Tomorrow is not promised, we never know when our time is coming.

I have a weird thing I do when some passes, I pray for their spirit. I pray that their spirit finds God and peace. The night before my Aunt Shirley passed she spoke with her son on the phone and seemed in pretty good shape. No one was prepared for her to die 5 hours later. The same could be said about MJ, he practiced his dance moves, sold his concert tickets, passed a health exam and was ready to turn London out….but he died before all that could take place. As you can see from the out pouring of fans….no one was prepared. Life is meant to be lived, lived in away the produces joy and happiness. If something or someone in your life is causing you grief and bring you down on a constant basis it may be time to extract that person from your life. If you are tired of your situation, be it financial or otherwise it’s time to change it.

People we only get one shot at this life thing, there is on sense in being unhappy for most of it. We never know when God will send his angel to collect his child(ren), live your life fully and completely, do what makes you happy, invite joy into your life. Because remember no one escapes it.

MJ Memorial Service Live!

12:14 PM (CST)

The memorial service starts and Smokie Robinson speaks. Smokie is speaking on behalf on Nelson Mandela. Nelson sends his condolences. What is weird is that it is very quiet in the stadium. All those people and they are so quite almost on edge.

12:21 PM

The are having audio problems and are making repairs and there are no speakers at this time.

12:25 PM

Still waiting... Now they are saying the family just walked in and people are speculating that the audio is fine, but they were waiting for the family come in. Man this is going to a circus... but it will be the closure that people need to realize the MJ is gone


They just brought out the golden casket holding the body of MJ. There is a black choir singing " We are going to see the King". If you are black and evar went to church you are familar with that song. The casket makes it real for me.


Lucious Smith Says MJ just wanted to give love to the world and to heal the world. I’m guessing this man must be a friend of the family or one of the Jackson’s personal pastor. But I have to agree with what he is saying.


Mariah Care looks for a change she is singing that I will be there. They sound awright but not that great. Of course MC is hitting all those damn high notes. Singing with her eyes closed like she really jamming.


Oh shit I hit the wrong button on my computer and lost connection


Queen La is reading a poem from Mya Angelo. She is just speaking about missing MJ and how he was a gift and how the creator gave MJ as a gift. She mentions MJ had passion, compassion, humor and style. MJ gave all that he had be given. The world is missing MJ


OH LAWD……Lionel Richie is singe Jesus is Love. This song always gets me going. I will be floored if they find Howard Hewit to sing Amen. I will be laying on the floor slained in the spirit. Lionel sound a bit off but he will do.


Now they got Barry Gordy up there giving MJ prayers. He says MJ was like a son to him. Really……. Barry screwed the Jackson’s over and would you do that to a son? Whatever! Barry says that as a child MJ sang Smokie’s song better than Smokie. Barry gave a very scripted speech but it sounded heartfelt. Barry said he feels that MJ is the greatest entertainer that ever lived. That may cause some contreversy but he up there with the best, and for me he is one of the best!


They are showing some footage of MJ and I remember mostly all of them. Me and my Aunt was watching the video for I’m Bad did yall know that Westly Snipes was in that video! That it was directed by Martin Scorsese.. this man made the Goodfellows, Casino Cape Fear, Gangs of New York, The Departed and many more


Stevie Wonder is really breaking my co-workers heart she is about to cry. Stevie sang I never thought you would leave in summer ( I think that is what it’s called). The song is so appropriate. Now singing is sanging. Mariah and Lionel need to take note. Damn I’m about to cry too! They are showing the reactions of people across the world and they are crying and looking extremely sad. Co worker had to excuse herself cause she was about to cry.


CNN is freezing up and messing with the damn audio. They betta get it together NOW. I just noticed all MJ brothers have on black suits with yellow ties and yellow roses on their lapel


Why the hell are Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant up on stage? They just some space fillers. Did yall know that MJ is in Guinness World Records record as the number one philanthropist for popstars?


Look and J Hud. She pregnant as all get out. She sounds pretty good she need to go all the way there. She can take us all to church.


They done let Al Sharpton get on the stage. Jesus take the wheel! Al is losing weight aint he. Al is saying that MJ was the first one to get on MTV making it easier other black entertainers to get on MTV. He said MJ made it easier for people (white people) to accept seeing blacks on the TV screen and the magazines. Al said Obama wrote the Jacksons a letter!
OHHHHHH Man Al told the kids that their daddy was not strange… what he had to deal with was strange. Al was speaking the truth. The Jacksons did make it easier to integrate, MJ did cross over like no other before his time. Al you betta speak the truth!


Sorry I went MIA I had to do some work!


Is that Jermaine up there singing? Damn he don’t sound too bad. Shit he sound better than Lionel Richie! I wonder if that is MJ original glove that he has on? He better not have an album coming out cause Imma be pissed if I find out that he trying to launch his career at his brother funeral


The King kids are up there speaking. Man those people look just like their daddy.


Sheila Jackson Lee up there now. I’m not sure what her significance to MJ. Oh okay she just said they are introducing a bill that will declare MJ as an American icon. I did not know they did that, you learn something new everyday


Did Ursher just make up this song "Gone to Soon". I've never heard it before and it just sound like something he made up in the dressing room right before he was told it was his turn to get on stage. Publicity Whore!


Who is that little boy!


It's winding down and a bunch of no name singers are singing we are the world. Now all the other celebrities are on the stage singing we are world.


Now all his brothers are on the stage thanking people for coming out. Naw that aint the orginal glove they all have on gloves. Marlon on stage trying to hold it together and he is trying to hold it together. He said his brother endured so much and that maybe now they would leave him alone

I wonder if his body is truely in that coffin. I bet it's not in the there that would not be a good idea. The Staples Center is packed! MJ little girl says her daddy has been the best dad you could ever imagine and that she loved him so much. Now that was tear jerker. That girl has courage... she wanted to world to know regardless of what they thought about her dad he was the best to her.

Now they just have the spotlight shining on the mike and its almost like he is standing there.

The pastor is back on stage.

Anyway I am glad all the hoop la is over. Hopefully they won't follow the body and give the family all type of grief.
My first love is gone, may he rest in peace. BTW yesterday when I was at Family Dollar I saw a lady selling MJ shirts. Look like she just took some t-shirts and got MJ pics put on them. Sista getting her hustle on.