Thursday, August 20, 2009

OK Corral or Town Hall Meeting

Hey People,

Sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile, but hey life happens………right? Anywhoo, have you been keeping up with all these angry town hall meetings? Chile “them people” really showing their asses. I could have sworn that I lived in a democratic country…we are suppose to agree to disagree. But nooooooooooo we acting like we are a third world country, were shouting, screaming, fighting, spitting and making racist threats towards one another.

Recently Claire McCaskill (whom I voted for) held a town hall meeting for health care here in Missouri. Honey…. it got u.g.l.y. “them folks” were clowning. Some people chose to show love for our Prez by displaying Obama stickers on their vehicles or wearing Obama gear. A few ignorant red necks decided to shout “Obama Lover” as these people passed by.

And although there was a sign posted on the door that prohibited posters or signs in the meeting a sista decided it would be a good a deal to being a poster of Rosa Parks. What the hell Rosa Parks have to do with healthcare….I do not know. When she walked in with the poster she was booed and cursed at so she rolled up the signed and placed it at her feet. Then this happy go lucky journalist decided to ask her to display the sign. This caused all hell to break loose….a white man snatched the sign from the woman saying “Didn’t we tell you to put that got damn sign up.” The black lady and her friend were asked to leave the meeting and the white man was escorted to the lobby.

I was not at the meeting so I will not claim racial bias but what I will claim is elitism. Why the haves don’t want the have nots to have health care. I make a decent salary no where near rich or well to do…but I would be willing to get taxed to ensure that everyone gets the healthcare they deserve. Other countries are looking at America like we are fools, but we are known for being a bullies now these conservative bastards are trying to prevent universal healthcare. Man have you seen some of these people at the meetings? They look like they don’t have health insurance either, some are missing teeth, frail and look plain sickly.

And what they are doing to Obama man they are slaughtering him. Look at how they are portraying him in pictures. Really ……………the joker….hitler….. and a liar.