Thursday, March 22, 2012

Can You Imagine

So the cause of Whitney Houston's death as been ruled as an accidental drowning. They found cocaine and Xanax in her system along with heart disease. This is really not breaking news to many of Whitney's fans. We hoped that they did not find drugs in her system but privately we knew it could be a possibility.

In Whitney I saw some of my own family members, fighting for their life back. Trying to break free of demon that just seems to haunt them and stick to them like glue. I have a few close family members that had a private battle with crack cocaine. But at least they had anonymity on their side. They could fight the battle at their own pace, but Whitney did not have that privilege.

Can you imagine the whole world knowing your weakness and it being played out in the media? Imagine your worst day being exposed to the world to see and to judge. Imagine trying your best and failing over and over again all while people watch. That would be hard to take, but our celebrities deal with this daily.

Now imagine being Bobbi Kristina and losing your mama while the world looks on and show you pity. They follow you around and judge you just like they did your mama. People that claimed to be her friends took pictures of Whitney in her casket! The woman could not live in peace nor could she die in peace.

While the money is great it almost seems like a miserable life doesn't it.

Treyvon Martin

I know the whole country is ablaze with talk about the senseless killing of Treyvon Martin. I like many of you was taken aback by the situation when I first heard it, then I felt nothing. Yes I was numb, I'm from the ghetto so I am used to black men being killed for no apparent reason than being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In 2003 my brother was murdered. I am still not sure what happened but I do know my brother was shot in the head and left to die in a dirty alley. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to deal with in my life. I could not talk about it for years without breaking down in tears. So many nights I thought about taking my own life because I could not imagine living in a world without him. I could not imagine breathing when he could not breath, being warm while he was laying in a cold grave. It was a time that all I could do was go to work. I could not socialize, maintain a relationship, clean my house or just be normal. I was depressed beyond belief. The police did very little to find his killer. They treated his death like another black man killed........oh well. It was like his life did not matter to them.

With that said I can relate to the parents of this 17 year old child. Wanting justice and the people who are suppose to protect you are ignoring you and your pain. What I can not imagine is knowing the killer of my child is roaming free and there is nothing but God keeping you from taking his life.

Yes it is a fact that some....not all white people see black people, especially men as suspects. Black men remind them of the creepy figures in the dark that is set out to kill them and rape their daughters and wives. Black men seem like a powerful dark force that must be stopped before they get out of control. Like wild animals that must be controlled and contained.

This fear led "the self appointed block caption" to shoot a 17 year old boy armed with a tea and skittles in the chest and kill him. This fear lead this grow man to follow this teenager like he was thief ready to steal at a moments notice.

I just pray that this child life is not in vain and that something good comes out of this bad situation

Thursday, March 1, 2012

True Beauty

It’s one of the most important events in your life, people will be looking at you. Millions of people will be critiquing your dress, your hair, your make up and even checking to see if your teeth are white enough. The question is will you go with the trend or will you do your own thang and simply be yourself?

Well Viola Davis decided to be herself and she looked beautiful! She left the wig at home and works her natural hair. Her dress complimented her skin tone, the muscle definition in her arms made it clear that this women really takes care of her body. Her smile was mega watt and you could tell she was at ease and full of grace.

She said she asked her husband what she should do with her hair, he told her to wear it like she does when she was at home. To me that says that he thought she was more beautiful when she was just herself. I loved the look and I know many others like the way she looked as well.
Before you get all upset I don’t have anything against weaves or wigs. I have worn them before and it is a very high chance that I will be wearing a wig or a weave sometime in the near future. However, I always get more compliments when I wear my in its most natural form. As a matter of fact most of the time less is more. The less makeup, the less hair and simply dressed is when I turn more heads.

We have been taught and socialized to think that as women we need a full glamour squad to feel beautiful, when the truth is the beauty is on the inside. A true confidant woman has beauty that spills over from the inside to the outside. And a true man knows real beauty when he sees it!