Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello..... Its been a minute

Oh my goodness its been awhile since we last spoke. Ya girl has been so busy it has been hard to post on a daily basis. I'm still in graduate school and it is so much harder than the last time I was in school. It takes a great deal of brain power to get to the finish line. Today I was tired when the professor asked me a question I just said, " I don't know". I didn't feel like pretending like I knew something I didn't. Luckily for me he moved on to the next person. Then my fiance has officially moved to St. Louis . What more can I say....this man has turned my quiet life upside down. I now have to remember that I am in a full fledged relationship,no longer is he all the way out in LA and I can hang out with my girls all the time. Homeboy want ALL of my attention and I must admit it is exhausting. I forgot how much men expect sex... honestly I be too tired to do it every day. Then there is the job. While I am grateful for my job saying it sucks just doesn't give it justice. I don't totally hate my job but I truly wish I was doing something more productive, fun and different. It always seems like its management vs workers, it can truly be a hostile environment at times. When I leave I am stressed the hell out. My wedding plans have been put on hold until we are in a better financial position. At first I was mad then I thought how the hell can I be mad when money is the issue and I don't have enough to have the kind of shindig I want. Mama and Daddy aint helping either so we will wait. My life seems so full right now that I barely have time to sleep. But life is good even with all the problems and issues... life is still pretty good. Look forward to post picking back up soon. I just wanted to say hello to you all.

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